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Membership and Benefits


Here’s what one of our members has to say about the value of belonging to the Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association:

Pipeliners Local 798 is a labor organization chartered on November 21, 1949. We provide skilled labor to the integral pipeline projects necessary to grid reliability in the United States. Our PIOGA membership allows labor and industry to join as a united front. A united front is essential to combat those who will stop at nothing to attack the natural gas industry. PIOGA membership has allowed me to speak in front of the Pennsylvania House of Delegates Environmental Resources and Energy Committee about pipeline’s economic and environmental benefits. Opportunities like this are crucial to us so we can let politicians know that their decisions directly affect our members and their work prospects. 

Another benefit of PIOGA membership is the ability to attend the various conferences they sponsor throughout the year. These events allow us to meet industry leaders we wouldn’t usually have access to. Local 798’s goal is to prove to these folks that we provide the highest level of qualified, skilled labor to build the safest and most efficient pipelines in the world. Our PIOGA membership puts us in the rooms and puts names to faces so we can engage those who might have a lower opinion of unions overall. We want to alter that viewpoint, and through our partnership with PIOGA, change is attainable, and for that, we are thankful.

David Butterworth, Business Agent, Pipeliners Local 798

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This page offers many resources and reasons to join PIOGA so we can all work together for the benefit of not only our industry but also for the benefit of everyone who uses Pennsylvania-produced energy and the countless products made from crude oil and natural gas. Below are two printable brochures that concisely summarize why your company should be a PIOGA member.

The Exponential Power of PIOGA Membership

Top 7 Reasons to Join PIOGA

Membership in PIOGA offers important benefits for those involved in the Pennsylvania oil and gas industry. Some of these benefits include:

  • Publications and News Alerts. The monthly PIOGA Press newsletter, the weekly PIOGA e-mail news clips and other important alerts help ensure that PIOGA members receive timely updates on valuable industry and association information. Members also get a complimentary yearly subscription to The American Oil and Gas Reporter (royalty members excluded),  an independent industrial trade publication that also serves as the Official Publication for 30 associations of independent oil and gas producers and operators.
  • Membership Directory. Published once a year, the Membership Directory is the main resource for association members seeking to contact one another. The publication includes advertisements and other industry contact information as well. Members also have access to a members-only area of the website, where they can look up member contact information, manage their own contact information, sign up for events and access committee resources.
  • Government Relations.  PIOGA’s staff and committees work with regulators to achieve workable solutions to problems. PIOGA will inform you on the latest federal and state government news, along with representing your interests on key industry issues.
  • Service Opportunities. By serving on association committees and the Board of Directors, you can share your expertise and take an active part in making sure your viewpoints are properly represented.
  • Education and Networking Events. Members can take advantage of various meetings and events to network with peers and make valuable business contacts. PIOGA members enjoy discounted rates to our events and events in which PIOGA partners, participate in seminars and workshops, network, and “have some fun” at the various golf outings throughout the year.
  • Online Buyers’ Guide. PIOGA’s “one-stop-shop” for oil and gas products and services.  All Allies & Providers members get a complimentary listing in the Buyers’ Guide. Click here to view the Guide.
  • Member Discounts. PIOGA members receive discounted rates for event registration, newsletter advertising and other activities.
  • PIOGA Member Digital Marketing Services. PIOGA has expanded our partnership with MultiView to offer a wide variety of services to help you better market your business in the online space. Click here to learn more.
  • Member Incentive Program. Recruit a new member and earn credits that can be used toward PIOGA event fees, sponsorships, advertising, offsetting the cost of your own dues and more. Learn more here.

Interested in Joining PIOGA?

Click the button to join now or to learn about membership categories and dues levels.

If you prefer, you can also download a PIOGA membership application and submit it to Debbie Oyler, Director of Member Services,  debbie@pioga.org, or by mail to:

115 VIP Drive, Suite 210
Wexford, PA 15090-7906

PIOGA: Working Together We Can Accomplish So Much More

For more than a century, PIOGA and our predecessor associations have prided ourselves on our role of bringing together a widely diverse range of companies, individuals and interests to collaborate for the benefit of the entire industry. We realize that individual companies cannot tackle all of the issues alone. It takes all members, sharing our expertise and our resources, to fight these battles on behalf of our industry. As a result, PIOGA is a highly effective organization whose value cannot be overstated. If you are considering becoming a member, we encourage you to read a brief summary of the issues we are involved in, our recent accomplishments and the benefits of membership in the Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association.

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