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Members Talk About the Value of PIOGA Membership

Michael A. Hillebrand, Principal and Executive Vice President, Huntley & Huntley, Inc.

Oil and gas development in Pennsylvania is made up of many formations and many completion techniques. We have been ONE world-changing industry since its very inception here in our state. There is ONE organization that represents them all and that is the best value proposition for every company working 24/7 to bring our undervalued hydrocarbons to market. That ONE organization is PIOGA! If you are not participating in this effort with us, take a very hard look as to why not and you will quickly see what you are missing. Join us in our relentless fight to proudly “Stand Up For Our Rights!”

Jessica Houser, Executive Treasurer, WGM Gas Company, Inc.

WGM Gas Company, Inc. has been a Pennsylvania conventional oil and gas producer since 1989. We are a family business, with roots in Indiana and Armstrong counties, that has employed hundreds of employees over the past 30+ years. Our industry has been under attack for many years, arguably decades, even with the imposed heavy legislative and governmental oversight we endure. PIOGA goes to battle along with us, working to inform the public, protect and support its members and the industry, and educate legislators and other industry oversight groups on the facts about oil and gas drilling and operating.

We greatly value our PIOGA membership. The involvement in committees and educational seminars provides a vast array of information for decision makers, as well as employees in our company. We’ve also been provided the opportunity to join other concerned operators to rally around the industry, support each other, and share valuable information that we would’ve otherwise not had access to without our PIOGA membership.

Enrico Biasetti, CEO, NG Advantage

I joined PIOGA because NG Advantage was new to Pennsylvania and thought it was an opportunity to meet local contractors. I was right in my decision. NG Advantage finished Phase One of our construction project in Springville, PA, a 30,000 Dth/day CNG facility. We compress natural gas into high-tech, carbon fiber trailers supplying CNG to large industrial users and institutions without access to natural gas, and LDCs, gas marketers, and power plants negatively affected by pipeline bottlenecks. The best part of building the facility was that PIOGA members built a significant portion of the site. PIOGA members completed mechanical, electrical, civil, fabrication, equipment supply, construction services, and more. In total, NG Advantage awarded PIOGA members nearly $10 MM in contracts in the last 24 months. As NG Advantage prepares for expansion, I plan to continue working with various PIOGA members.

Daniel R. Jack, CDT Insurance Group, LLC

CDT Insurance Group is an insurance brokerage firm out of Indiana, PA. We cross a number of industries, but have a very heavy customer base in the oil & gas industry. We are a member of PIOGA because we want to support the industry that supports us.

Now, more than ever, we need a strong voice for the industry. And we need to support our industry’s voice even more, not less. We find PIOGA is an excellent source of information and they fight the fight every day that we can’t find the time in our daily schedules to fight.

PIOGA presents opportunities to interact with the decision-makers in the industry, those that move the needle. We not only can talk some business but have fun in the process. I can’t imagine what our County and region would be like without the oil & gas industry. Our membership allows us to be part of something that’s very important to our community and economy.

David Hommrich, Pennsylvania Microgrids, LLC

Penn Micro is a microgrid solution provider headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Our business model involves blending multiple energy sources (typically solar and gas-fired generation) to provide robust and sustainable microgrid solutions. Since we primarily serve the Pennsylvania market, our customers are often interested in accessing the plentiful natural gas in the state.

In an effort to develop a network in the oil and gas community, Penn Micro joined PIOGA early in 2020. Shortly after we joined, we were invited to present on the monthly marketing call. The call was well attended, and it seemed to capture a pretty wide cross section of companies.

Our intent was to brief PIOGA members to see if there were any opportunities, which we did. After the call we received numerous responses; one of which has developed into a project for 2021. Had we not joined PIOGA, we would never have known about that (and other) opportunities.

We are extremely pleased with our decision to join PIOGA, and look forward to meeting more members in 2021. There is an interesting intersection of solar plus natural gas. A microgrid that utilizes both creates energy (and revenue) diversity, and each new microgrid will consume approximately 500 MCF / day of natural gas.

I would recommend joining PIOGA. Great organization with great members!

James E. Kriebel, Kriebel Companies

Value. With PIOGA, you have a voice where it matters, at a price you can afford, and you receive insight and assistance with items important to you and your business.

Always Evolving, Always Changing. The Kriebel Family has been involved in the production of natural gas and oil for almost 50 years. It is not surprising that there have been significant changes over that period of time in many areas, from drilling technology and production recovery, to government regulations and industry taxation. Some of these changes have been positive and allowed our industry to grow, and others have been burdensome and restrictive to that growth.

Access to the Professionals. A changing industry is one of the main reasons we became a member of PIOGA over 30 years ago. We realized that we couldn’t afford to hire the professionals necessary to help us deal with those changes but a PIOGA membership would provide us with access to those professionals. Those professionals include legal representation in matters that affect our industry, legislative professionals who have a direct connection in Harrisburg, and accountants who specialize in oil and gas tax matters. In addition, PIOGA’s staff works with gas market development, regulatory monitoring, and provides educational and networking opportunities.

Bob Garland, Chemstream Inc.

Chemstream is a provider of state-of-the-art chemicals for the completion, drill out and production phases of a successful completion. PIOGA has been standing by our Industry for many years with many obstacles to overcome. The last year especially was difficult for the Oil and Gas Industry. We have been a proud member for many years and I have served on the Board of Directors. Believe me when I say that PIOGA is a necessary and an integral champion of our Industry, educating our Representatives and informing PIOGA members concerning upcoming legislation.

PIOGA keeps its members informed about the decisions that affect us out of Harrisburg. As a retired Board member, I know that PIOGA is very concerned about their members and the issues facing us today. We are not through with increased regulation. Therefore, I am glad that we support PIOGA in their daily mission to represent us when we are out doing our jobs harvesting this abundant, affordable, and reliable resource.

PIOGA also gives its members many opportunities to network with members and associates to talk with old friends and to meet new ones. Thanks, PIOGA!

Wayne Vanderhoof, RJR Safety Inc.

RJR Safety Inc is a workplace safety consulting and training company partnering with companies to reduce the number of worker injuries. RJR Safety Inc audits workplaces for hazards, conditions, behaviors, and risks that can lead to worker injuries then develops the necessary controls to address the hazards, conditions, behaviors, and risks so workers do not get injured.

As a member of PIOGA since 2009 and involved with the PIOGA Safety Committee since becoming a member, the benefits of being an active member are many, to the industry, to my company, and to myself personally.

PIOGA has been involved in and supported the industry for more than 100 years. PIOGA supports the industry and members by taking up legal issues through the legal system, addressing issues with the regulators, participating on various regulatory boards, and lobbying the lawmakers for the good of the industry. PIOGA works with other industry organizations in surrounding states, regional organizations, and national organizations for the benefit of the industry

RJR Safety Inc. has benefitted from membership in the many opportunities to network with, meet, work beside, and benefit from access to many other companies in the industry. RJR Safety Inc continues to thrive supporting the efforts of the industry to ensure that workers go home to their families at the end of each day or shift. The many technical and networking events provide opportunity for building business relationships within the oil & gas industry.

As a Safety Professional involved with the PIOGA and our Safety Committee, I have access to many other Safety Professionals, Operations Professionals, and Executives in the industry from which to build a professional network. This access has increased my knowledge and understanding of the industry as well as providing continued opportunities for supporting the industry with the networking events, technical seminars, and presentations at PIOGA-sponsored events.

Jake Stilley, Patriot Exploration Corp.

Patriot Exploration Corporation, an independent oil and gas operator, has been a proud member of PIOGA for almost 20 years. Over that time, PIOGA has constantly kept us up-to-date on Pennsylvania’s ever-changing regulatory environment. PIOGA also has aggressively represented and defended our interests in the state legislature. Just as important, PIOGA provides us with events and opportunities to meet with and discuss current issues with other industry leaders. All of these services are supported by a highly experienced and friendly staff who are always available and willing to help. Patriot highly recommends a PIOGA membership to anyone currently active in Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry.

Donald M. Zuch II, PG, Fusilier Resources

Fusilier Resources, LLC (Fusilier) is a non-operator, project development group working here in the Appalachian Basin. Our experienced team is passionate about the development of the Basin’s abundant subsurface assets that include oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids and geologic storage options, with a focus on end use opportunities that incorporate the Basin’s numerous surface assets such as Brownfields and extensive, intermodal transportation systems. PIOGA is a valuable partner and resource for Fusilier – and at a price point that makes sense for our team. The PIOGA staff work tirelessly to continuously create value for its membership by providing various forums to stay informed regarding technical, legal, and tax developments that affect our industry. PIOGA events and committees serve as excellent environments to maintain our extensive industry contacts while also fostering the formation of new business contacts for the future. In particular, we enjoy the robust agenda of the Market Development Committee where like-minded members participate in discussions about, and rally to support, creative ways to drive end use of fossil fuels. For Fusilier, PIOGA continues to deliver a strong Return on Investment.

Beth Powell, President, New Pig Energy

New Pig Energy has been a member of PIOGA since 2011. We joined to help oil and gas operators protect on-site workers from slips and falls and the environment from spills. PIOGA and its committees provide invaluable information on changing regulatory requirements and safety issues. Frequent networking and educational events bring the industry together to discuss opportunities and challenges. This timely sharing of information is what has enabled us to continue to design new products to address environmental and safety concerns.

New Pig Energy provides temporary secondary containment for oil and gas drilling sites with our patented liners. With over 120 million square feet installed since 2011, we have helped the oil and gas industry manage compliance, spills and safety with the only liners certified by NFSI as high-traction work surfaces. Our liners, designed for heavy-equipment traffic during drilling through completions, stay flat in all temperatures with exceptional tear and puncture resistance. Our products have won Environmental Protection’s new product of the year award in 2020, 2019, 2017, 2013, 2012 and 2011. The latest winner is our Trenchless Curved Silt Fence for erosion and sediment control during construction. New Pig Energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Pig Corporation, the world’s largest industrial absorbent manufacturer. New Pig Corporation supplies environmental and safety products to over 300,000 industrial sites in over 100 countries.

David Marks, BHE Eastern Energy Field Services

As a service provider to more than 500 Appalachian natural gas producers, it is only logical for Eastern Energy Field Services (EEFS) to be an active member company within the PIOGA organization. PIOGA’s general counsel and legal support provides invaluable legal services to the producer community. EEFS is appreciative to be the conduit for such regulatory support and information for updating our producer community and our customers. This type of information has tremendous value for commercial decision-making for EEFS and its customer base, all at the reasonable cost of membership.

PIOGA’s working committees and networking events bring together market intelligence, commercial experience and joyful fellowship amongst the membership, keeping members informed and making them more valuable to their employers and the energy community at large. PIOGA and its staff make a positive difference in our work lives.

Gary E. Slagel, Steptoe & Johnson PLLC

I have had the honor to serve as PIOGA’s Chairman of the Board since the association’s inception over ten years ago. My thirty-five-year career in the energy industry, working with state and national associations, has given me a broad perspective on how associations work and the services they provide for their members. PIOGA sits at the top of my experience-based list for several reasons:

  • The value it provides directly to its members. PIOGA is proactive and responds quickly to issues and concerns affecting the oil and natural gas industry. It doesn’t get involved in protracted debates among members before taking action; rather it identifies and brings to its board of directors or executive committee a plan for action to move forward. Any debate is focused on quick acceptance or quick revision and acceptance of the plan and its implementation.
  • PIOGA members are “all in” on supporting the multitude of its activities conducted on an annual basis and organized by PIOGA’s competent and highly effective staff. PIOGA’s numerous committees are exceptional in that they are interactive; meetings are concise and meeting minutes are generated and distributed to members.
  • PIOGA’s weekly and monthly communications distributed to members and industry supporters are informative, valuable and far above the communication and outreach of any other association I am or have been affiliated with in the industry.
  • The staff of PIOGA is exceptional. They are truly dedicated to serving PIOGA’s members and PIOGA’s goals. They are knowledgeable, hardworking and quickly respond to questions and concerns. They are a high functioning group of professionals and they embody all that is unique and commendable about PIOGA. They are respected among the industry.

Overall, I can’t say enough about what PIOGA means to me as an industry veteran with past experience leading other energy related associations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. It is the best I have ever seen in meeting the goals and needs of the industries it represents.

Brook Bertig-Coll, Fisher Associates

Joining and becoming active in PIOGA has been an important factor in the growth of Fisher Associates in the Pennsylvania oil and gas market. As a planning and design consultant within the energy industry, Fisher Associates has been able to create new meaningful relationships with clients and teaming partners, as well as strengthen existing client relationships thanks in part to involvement in the organization. Whether it’s committee work or networking events, PIOGA brings oil and gas industry leaders together.

The organization has also helped to keep our civil engineers, environmental scientists, planners and designers informed on regulation and industry changes, helping us to be better experts and provide better Clientship to our clients. Through their advocacy efforts on behalf of our clients, PIOGA helps to educate all of us about the importance of the oil and gas industry in our local, state, and national economy. I highly recommend joining and getting actively involved with PIOGA today.

Len Paugh, Long Ridge Energy

I have had the good fortune to have been a PIOGA member for almost 30 years. During that time, I have seen this organization help every company within the Oil & Gas industry, even those companies that were not members.

PIOGA creates an atmosphere where collaboration amongst competing companies is encouraged, all with the sole purpose of improving our industry. PIOGA has committees that are focused on Environmental matters, Market Development, Legislative, Tax, Safety and Diversity. The ability to freely gain and share knowledge without having to hire a multitude of consultants is just one of the benefits of membership.

Sam Fragale, Freedom Energy Resources, LLC

Having been a PIOGA Board and Executive Committee Member for years, I have witnessed numerous changes over that time. The one consistency since the formation of PIOGA in 2010 is that PIOGA has been there for an All-encompassing Industry. Whether you engage in upstream, downstream, midstream, oil, gas, conventional, unconventional or any combination, PIOGA’s Staff and Board members provide the necessary expertise to navigate any issue related to all aspects of the industry.

PIOGA’s staff and diverse board and active committees have you covered on legislative, environmental & regulatory, safety, tax, marketing development and diversity. PIOGA continues every year to bring you quality industry programs, technical training, and social networking opportunities second to none.

I continue to be a Board and Executive committee member because of the commitment of PIOGA to be the go-to industry trade organization when you need answers to or help in navigating the complex changing issues affecting our industry daily.

Regardless of all the rhetoric on climate change, the Green New Deal and renewable energy, one thing is clear – FOSSIL FUELS ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!! While we need all forms of energy, fossil fuels continue to be the “go-to” source of our energy supplies. If your business touches any part of this industry in any way, you need to CONSIDER a MEMBERSHIP in PIOGA. I highly recommend it. You won’t regret it. SIGN UP TODAY and experience the benefits of your membership!

Thad Stevens, Royalty Owner, Gaines, PA

“The insight I have gained as a member of PIOGA has served me well in my activities with POGLA (PA Oil & Gas Landowner Alliance). Until we understand each other, we’ll stand alone; royalty owners need knowledge of Industry. PIOGA is an excellent source.

David Butterworth, Business Agent, Pipeliners Local 798

Pipeliners Local 798 is a labor organization chartered on November 21, 1949. We provide skilled labor to the integral pipeline projects necessary to grid reliability in the United States. Our PIOGA membership allows labor and industry to join as a united front. A united front is essential to combat those who will stop at nothing to attack the natural gas industry. PIOGA membership has allowed me to speak in front of the Pennsylvania House of Delegates Environmental Resources and Energy Committee about pipeline’s economic and environmental benefits. Opportunities like this are crucial to us so we can let politicians know that their decisions directly affect our members and their work prospects.

Another benefit of PIOGA membership is the ability to attend the various conferences they sponsor throughout the year. These events allow us to meet industry leaders we wouldn’t usually have access to. Local 798’s goal is to prove to these folks that we provide the highest level of qualified, skilled labor to build the safest and most efficient pipelines in the world. Our PIOGA membership puts us in the rooms and puts names to faces so we can engage those who might have a lower opinion of unions overall. We want to alter that viewpoint, and through our partnership with PIOGA, change is attainable, and for that, we are thankful.

Jeff Walentosky, P.G. President and ECO, Moody and Associates, Inc.

Moody and Associates, Inc. (Moody) is a private, environmental, geologic and engineering consulting firm that was established in western Pennsylvania in 1891. Moody has been a long-time supporter of PIOGA as we are advocates for many organizations within the oil/gas industry. While PIOGA is an “all hands-on deck” organization with the staff members wearing many hats, there are so many opportunities to take advantage of as a member of this organization. The available resources are many within PIOGA, which includes constant news updates, along with numerous networking, event and training opportunities. Moody greatly values our PIOGA membership and great sponsorship opportunities throughout the year.
From a personal and professional standpoint, I feel strongly in the value that PIOGA provides to its members. The operator members (conventional and unconventional) are well represented in the legislative, legal, regulatory, environmental and safety arenas by Dan Weaver and his staff. For non-operator members, there are a wealth of opportunities to get involved and make a difference with PIOGA. No matter your professional discipline, if you are willing to raise your hand and volunteer, there are opportunities for you. I have taken advantage of these opportunities with the organization over the years to have significant involvement in many aspects of the organization, where I have established many relationships with fellow PIOGA members that I truly recognize as business partners and friends. 

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