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Who We Are


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The Pennsylvania Independent Oil Gas Association (PIOGA) represents nearly 400 members, including oil and natural gas producers, drilling contractors, service companies, manufacturers, distributors, professional firms and consultants, pipelines, end users, royalty owners, and others with interests in the success of Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry. PIOGA member companies drill and operate the majority of the state’s crude oil and natural gas wells, including those targeting the Marcellus and Utica Shale.

Pennsylvania is blessed with abundant energy resources, particularly clean-burning natural gas. We recognize the importance of delivering this gas to markets in need of affordable and reliable supplies and developing new and expanded markets for our products. We seek to create solutions for producers and consequently all other members by working with Pennsylvania’s manufacturing and economic development teams to create a robust energy state with increased workforce opportunities. PIOGA staff and committees actively work closely with pipelines, utilities and end users as well as those developing cutting-edge products and services that revolve around natural gas use. PIOGA staff also works with educators to increase students’ knowledge of energy issues that impact current and future generations of Pennsylvanians.

PIOGA is a member-driven organization that serves as a clearinghouse for our members’ awareness of issues impacting their businesses. Through PIOGA communications, newsletters, e-mails and meetings, the industry becomes aware of proposed changes in regulations early enough to engage the government agencies promoting these changes before they become “carved in stone.” PIOGA staff and committees work with regulators to achieve workable solutions to problems. PIOGA works to inform lawmakers and help develop legislation that is hopefully more meaningful and less onerous for our industry. When necessary, PIOGA engages in litigation to achieve our goals.

Pennsylvania: The Keystone to America’s Energy Future®

Mission Statement

PIOGA advocates for the responsible growth of Pennsylvania’s oil and natural gas industry by promoting an environment favorable to the success of the exploration, production and storage, the transportation and the downstream end users of these energy resources.

Vision Statement

PIOGA is the trusted voice for the industry in Pennsylvania and provides timely and affordable advocacy for its members. PIOGA’s member-based actions on legislative and regulatory issues are swift and decisive. PIOGA’s committees are open and interactive and provide concise information on a regular basis for its members. PIOGA operates education and outreach programs to promote and expand the products it represents.   

Our History

PIOGA’s roots date back over a century, back to the founding of the Pennsylvania Oil, Gas and Minerals Association (POGAM) in 1918. POGAM was believed to be the oldest continuously operating oil and gas trade association in the United States. In April 2010, members of the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Association and the Independent Oil and Gas Association of Pennsylvania (IOGA) unanimously voted to merge the two organizations into a single, comprehensive trade association representing oil and natural gas interests throughout Pennsylvania. The merger reunited two organizations that had split apart some 30 years earlier.

This reinvigorated organization, the Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association, has drawn upon the combined expertise of both predecessor associations to better serve the needs of our members. By joining forces as one unified voice, we have expanded our mission to achieve even greater success for our members, including our role as liaison with other associations, companies, government and regulatory agencies to foster proactive communication, regulatory and policy development, market development, workforce and safety training, and continued education and growth within all segments of the industry.

PIOGA is based in Wexford, just north of Pittsburgh, with satellite offices in Kane (McKean County) and Harrisburg. The association employs a seven-person staff responsible for planning and implementing the association’s mission. In addition, the Board of Directors provides oversight and governs the strategic planning and direction of key deliverables, while various committees oversee pipeline and natural gas market development, safety, environmental, tax and legislative initiatives. Each year, PIOGA hosts several conferences, seminars, public educational meetings, presentations and community events in a variety of locations across Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association can be viewed quite simply as a member-driven organization working to realize the myriad benefits of developing Pennsylvania’s crude oil and natural gas resources. Our actions and successes indeed speak for themselves.