Energy is one of the fundamental building blocks of an economy, anywhere in the world and at every stage of economic development. The availability and affordability of energy is an indispensable economic enabler and a major contributor to economic well-being.

Pennsylvania has emerged as a leader in natural gas production in the United States. Since the beginning of the shale-gas revolution a little over a decade ago, Pennsylvania now ranks second only to Texas in natural gas (dry) production. As of 2018, Pennsylvania was supplying 20% of the nation’s demand from gas produced in the state, with production expected to reach as high as 30% in 2020. The development of the Marcellus and Utica shales has allowed natural gas to become an important component of America’s energy supply and economic health. The United States is once again at the global forefront of energy development. PIOGA is very focused on finding more ways to leverage these abundant natural resources for power generation, transportation, industrial (HHP) engines, manufacturing and even export.

Pennsylvania, A Net Exporter

Today, Pennsylvania is no longer just a consuming region, as producers of oil and natural gas have been successful in recovering huge quantities of natural gas and natural gas liquids from “unconventional” formations such as the Marcellus and Utica. Pennsylvania will continue to be a consuming region of oil and natural gas and byproducts but is now also seen as an energy “supply region”.

PIOGA’s Market Development Committee is at the forefront of looking for opportunities to expand markets that utilize natural gas and natural gas liquids. PIOGA’s market development committee advocates for the responsible production, development and use of PIOGA member resources. To learn more about the Market Development Committee – Click here

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