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Working together we can accomplish things we cannot not do alone. That’s why PIOGA is so effective in the government relations arena. That effectiveness is magnified when member companies and their employees add their individual voices, telling legislators how a piece of legislation would impact their operations or submitting formal comments on a regulatory proposal. It is important for both PIOGA and its members to be heard.

We have put together this resource page to make it easier to get involved, whether registering to vote, researching proposed legislation or regulations, or reaching out to your state or federal representative or senator on a particular issue.

Keeping you informed

We work to keep members informed of legislative and regulatory developments through our monthly newsletter, The PIOGA Press, and our Monday electronic newsletter to the membership, the PIOGA eWeekly. Articles in these publications provide useful information like bill numbers and where to find proposed regulations that are open for comment.

From time to time, the eWeekly includes a Call to Action on comment opportunities for infrastructure projects and other pressing issues. We also send out occasional dedicated email blasts on urgent matters.

We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities to provide your input. As noted above, your individual comments on legislation or proposed regulations only enhance the arguments made by PIOGA and other industry organizations.

Use these links for getting involved:

Leverage your PIOGA membership

Join a committee

PIOGA is a member-driven organization. We want to know what issues and initiatives are important to our members, and we want our members to help lead the work of our association. Our most effective tool for accomplishing those things is our committee structure.  Participation in our committees is open to all PIOGA members, including any of your employees.

These committees in particular are vital in the association’s government relations efforts:

  • Environmental Committee. Responsible for monitoring federal, state and local environmental regulatory developments that affect well drilling, site preparation and reclamation, and production operations. Provides public policy recommendations and industry guidance.
  • Legislative Committee. Responsible for actions to be taken on legislative issues and assisting in developing the association’s legislative agenda. The committee reviews legislation being introduced and recommends actions to be taken on legislative issues; contacts legislators and encourages members to be active on legislative issues; assists with lobby days and other education and fundraising events; comments on proposed legislation; and communicates to PIOGA members on legislative issues that impact the industry.
  • Market Development Committee. Among other things, responsible for monitoring developments at the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Reviews pipeline and LDC tariffs and pipeline open seasons affecting the movement of natural gas, recommending and managing interventions in rate cases and developing producer policy positions on natural gas marketing matters.
  • Safety Committee. Provides a forum to exchange best practices and to disseminate those practices to the oil and gas industry within Pennsylvania. Serves as a means for members and government agencies to work together to improve the performance of the industry in matters relating to safety.
  • Tax Committee. Monitors and reports on federal, state and local tax developments and organizes PIOGA annual tax update seminar.

Click here to find out more about the mission of each of these committees and how to join.

Participate in political action committee fundraisers

In the world of politics, it is necessary to show support for legislators who support our industry and our issues. One way to do that is by making campaign contributions through the PIOGA Political Action Committee. PIOGA holds PAC fundraisers as part of many conferences and networking events. Please consider taking part!

Action needed now!

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