Posted: 5/14/19

Our trade organization might be over 100 years old, but we’re on the cutting edge as an association and leading Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry, and we wanted our “look” to reflect this new vision and focus for the association.

Over recent past months, PIOGA staff have been “refreshing” our website, public outreach materials, membership packet and creating a new tagline that fully represents who we are as an entity in 2019.

Updated website,

Our modernized website showcases the association, the benefits of membership and provides timely news and advocacy information impacting the industry. This user-friendly website is full of resources that members and the public can take advantage of including some of the following:

  • About PIOGA – Association, Board & Staff
  • Member Benefits & Services
  • Online Buyers’ Guide
  • Members Only Log-In
  • News/Resources
  • Events
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Get Involved/Advocacy
  • Education Pages
  • Career Center
  • Photo Gallery

Check out the new website and let us know what you think. Drop us a line at to give us your thoughts, suggest further improvements or to let us know if something isn’t working quite right. Remember to bookmark it so you can visit frequently!

New tagline: Serving the Industry for over a Century ― Conventional to Shale and Beyond

Since the shale revolution started here in 2008, PIOGA has been at the forefront in representing the full oil and gas industry ― conventional and shale producers and downstream interests as well, now that this segment is rapidly growing due to our industry. The new tagline represents the evolution of PIOGA as a trade association over these 100 years.

Educational fact sheets

We also have updated our educational fact sheets for use by our members, legislators and the public to continue our efforts on education about our industry. Knowledge is power and spreading the word about what we do, how we operate, how we protect the environment, job opportunities and economic impact to the state is critical to our success. All these fact sheets can be downloaded on under Education.

The following fact sheets are available:

  • PA’s Traditional Oil & Gas Industry
  • Exploration & Production Process
  • Oil and Gas from Shale Resources
  • Environment & Safety
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Process
  • Pennsylvania’s Natural Gas: Clean Energy to Power Your Life and Home (2018)
  • The Marcellus Shale: Pennsylvania’s Home-Grown Energy Source
  • Landowners FAQ
  • Careers in the Oil & Gas Industry

New membership benefits packet: The Power of PIOGA Influence, Information, Ideas: Why Membership Matters

Do you know a potential new member who would benefit from a membership in PIOGA? If so, you can provide them The Power of PIOGA packet that explains in detail how PIOGA membership is not just a great value, but is also an important tool to help companies succeed in today’s fast-changing world of energy production and usage. The packet tells how PIOGA is working effectively on behalf of its members and how companies can maximize their membership through involvement in committees, participating in programs, and taking advantage of discounts and other exclusive services.

You can contact Deana McMahan at if you’d like us to mail a membership packet to a potential new member or you can go to > Join Now to obtain an electronic version to email to them.

PIOGA is changing and adapting to the new industry that has emerged. We are pleased to offer these resources to our members and hope you will take advantage of these valuable resources.