Earth Day 2021: PIOGA Hails Contributions of Pennsylvania Natural Gas to U.S. Environmental Improvements

WEXFORD, Pa. (April 22) – The Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association (PIOGA) commemorates Earth Day 2021 by recognizing the contributions being made to improving our nation’s air quality through the increased use of Pennsylvania-produced natural gas.

From methane reductions to drastic drops in levels of National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) parameters across the country, energy generated from the Commonwealth’s natural gas producers is making a huge and positive contribution to cleaner air in the United States.

The facts speak for themselves:

  • Natural gas production in Pennsylvania increased from 168,501 MMcf in 2005 to 6,896,792 MMcf in 2020 – an increase of more than 3,990 percent – making the Commonwealth the second-largest natural gas producer in the U.S.
  • During that same 15-year period, coinciding with the increased use of natural gas for electricity production, data generated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for six key NAAQS priority pollutants across the country reflect the difference being made through the increased use of Pennsylvania natural gas (all measurements in million tons):
Carbon Monoxide: 2005: 80.6 2019: 44.7 44% Reduction
Nitrogen Oxides: 2005: 20.3 2019: 8.7 57% Reduction
Particulate Matter -2.5 2005: 2.5 2019: 1.5 40% Reduction
Particulate Matter -10 2005: 3.6 2019: 2.3 33% Reduction
Sulfur Dioxide 2005: 14.5 2019: 2 86% Reduction
Volatile Organic Compounds 2005: 15.9 2019: 12.3 22% Reduction
  • The increased use of natural gas is also a key part of reducing CO2 emissions from electricity production nationwide. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, CO2 emissions were reduced by 3,350 million metric tons (MMmt) between 2005-2019, including 525 MMmt in 2019 alone.

“Any objective, fact-based analysis of the role natural gas plays in improving our environment and fighting climate change would reach the conclusion that Pennsylvania’s energy producers are making a strong and positive contribution to those efforts,” said PIOGA President & Executive Director Daniel J. Weaver. “The men and women of our industry can take pride in the work they do to on this Earth Day and every day to produce clean energy our nation demands in a safe and responsible manner.”

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