Earth Day: Pennsylvania Natural Gas Stays the Course on Improving the Environment, Meeting Demand

WEXFORD, Pa. (April 22) – Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association President & Executive Director Daniel J. Weaver today issued the following statement regarding the observation of Earth Day 2022:

 “Oil and natural gas are essential to maintaining the quality of life people in the United States expect to enjoy. The increased use of natural gas for generating electricity is the reason the quality of our nation’s air continues to improve, providing significant public health benefits. In addition, methane emissions from oil and gas operations dropped by 17 percent between 2005-2019, despite production increases in the U.S. of 96 percent for natural gas and 66 percent for oil.

 “Natural gas from Pennsylvania has the potential to provide further air quality improvements to the global environment through increased exports of liquified natural gas to European countries facing both immediate and long-term supply challenges, all of which are driven by Russia’s energy dominance in that region. The Appalachian Basin states of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, already our nation’s largest producers of natural gas, have the supply and ability to meet a significant amount of demand for LNG in Europe. However, what is needed – at both the state and federal levels – are policies that encourage investment in the infrastructure and facilities to produce and transport more LNG to countries that need it.

 “Earth Day reminds us that great progress is being made to improve the world around us, and that even more can be done in the future. Pennsylvania’s oil and natural gas industry is proud of the role it plays in helping our nation improve its environment.”

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